Responsible Research and Innovation made simple A comprehensive toolbox for embedding RRI in SHARED GREEN DEAL activities

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Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is an approach that has become increasingly important in recent years, as researchers and practitioners recognise the need to take into account ethical, social, and environmental considerations in their work. This approach ensures that research and innovation practices are conducted in a way that benefits society and the environment, and takes into account the potential impact of these activities on different groups and communities.

The SHARED GREEN DEAL project recognises the importance of incorporating RRI principles into its activities. Therefore, the project has developed this toolbox to guide its consortium partners and local partners on how to practically embed RRI considerations into their work. This toolbox is designed to be a flexible resource that can be customised to fit the specific needs of different projects and as such support the integration of RRI principles into them.

Although the core of the report is more directed towards internal use within the SHARED GREEN DEAL consortium, it has been published as the suite of tools, as well as the evaluation framework, can also be useful for other projects – especially those inspired by RRI thinking, but who may be unsure on how to incorporate it into their own research practices. 


The Annexes in this report also provide different valuable takeaways and can be accessed as stand-alone files for sharing here: 

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