Call for local partners on Sustainable Food

This experiment stream will accelerate transformations towards more just and sustainable food systems. We will empower local initiatives to foster transformative change. Together we will explore the local context, identify key food system players and organise a series of meetings during which we develop an action agenda. SHARED GREEN DEAL partners will support you in learning about and applying transition governance methods.

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A visual announcing the 22K in support of local change

What could you receive funding to do?

  • Recruit 5-10 local food system change makers.
  • Host and facilitate 4 meetings with a focus on:
    • Meeting 1: Co-creative shared problem structuring, descriptions of needs and barriers for local food system transition, ideas for future alternatives. 
    • Meeting 2: Approving and prioritising the problems, needs and ideas collected in Meeting 1. In addition, participants will co-create a shared future vision of a sustainable and healthy local food system.
    • Meeting 3: Presenting a synthesis of future narratives and principles of sustainable, healthy food systems. Identifying a set of context specific actions and activating engagements to experiment with solutions for accelerating food system transitions. Designing concrete pilot actions and identifying requirements for their implementation.    
    • Meeting 4: Focus on identifying key learnings, lessons learned and recommendations (a fully online meeting across the 4 local social experiments that will be selected within the current call).

Please note that concerning the target group there is an aim to engage young participants in the network of local food system change makers so that one third of the network members are young participants (age 18 - 35).

To see the full list of actions, please consult the 'Guidelines and FAQ' document'.


To be eligible for this SHARED GREEN DEAL Grant, applicants must:

  • Be located in the EU or countries associated with H2020 (note: this includes the UK for this call)
  • Be either:
    • A local or regional authority (including municipalities, cities, towns, villages and their local municipally owned companies and agencies)
    • A not-for-profit organisation (e.g. NGOs, civil society organisations, associations etc).

The call is closed. Thank you for your interest. 



You can move forward with the application by confirming your interest through this link or by filling in the form below. 

The call is closed. Thank you for the interest.



For further details please contact co-leads Professor Chris Foulds ( and Professor Rosie Robison (

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