SHARED GREEN DEAL Arena guidelines

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This report delivers guidelines for designing an interactive multi-actor process to co-creating transformative pathways to achieving the EU Green Deal. Our design approach builds upon principles of ‘Transition Management’ to explore the challenges, innovative interventions, trade-offs as well as co-benefits across the six different Green Deal streams with a diverse group of actors. The process follows a set of guiding principles derived from theories of transdisciplinary and action research. These address how to convene a diverse coalition of the willing, to build upon insights from sustainability transitions research, to create a safe-enough space for critical reflections, to ensure strategic insights through a forward-looking perspective, as well as to develop concrete steps and generate action-oriented knowledge during the arena process. 

Four key steps are guiding the selection of methods for this process: 

  1. Problematise: problem structuring and analysis of dynamics 
  2. Envision: define principles of desired, shared futures 
  3. Co-create action: develop an action agenda with strategic pathways 
  4. Reflect: explore the trade-offs and synergies actions between pathways 

A coherent facilitation approach guarantees the process being carried out in a series of online and hybrid events over a period of three months in 2022.

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