EcoFashion 94 advances sustainable fashion with innovative prototyping

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Having set itself the ambitious mission of reducing purchases of new clothing in the Val-de-Marne department (94), the local SHARED GREEN DEAL partner EcoFashion 94 is pioneering a transformative journey towards sustainable fashion and is now prototyping its ideas. The objective is to rethink fashion in harmony with the environment, thus move closer towards a circular economy. 

This year, the work is beginning to come to fruition as the prototype developed through earlier workshops is being brought into the world.

The new prototype, conceptualised through a series of Design Thinking workshops in 2023, was first discussed and tested with stakeholders in January 2024 and has now been tested with a group of local residents in March. The prototype, ‘la Retoucherie EF94’, leverages the involvement of local collectors and tailors/modifiers to create a community-centric service that facilitates clothing repair and modification. This approach not only promotes sustainability by extending the life of garments but also strengthens local ties.

Testing the prototype

In its latest workshop, EcoFashion 94 conducted a test involving members of the Alpha Sucy Association, including individuals with disabilities. This test emphasised the need for adaptability in clothing modifications, leading to creative solutions like replacing buttons with Velcro for easier dressing. The involvement of diverse community members, including a city council member, Mr. Jean-Pierre Durazzo, underscored the project's inclusive approach and the wealth of feedback contributed to significant improvements in the prototype.

These workshops have not only demonstrated the feasibility of the prototype as a tool to collect and re-use locally, as opposed to buying new, but also underscored the importance of collaborative and innovative approaches in rethinking sustainable fashion. By integrating feedback and exploring new avenues for development, EcoFashion 94 is setting a precedent for how communities can come together to address the environmental impacts of fashion through engaged discussions and local commitment. 

You can find more information about the prototype, EcoFashion 94, and the efforts undertaken by them to advance local circularity in fashion on the local website:


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Photo from the March workshop where the prototype was being tested

Image by EcoFashion 94



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