Call for local partners on Circular Economy

This experiment stream aims to support circular business innovation. We are looking for applicants who will establish Local Accelerator Hubs (LAHs) that will gather and share knowledge about good practices in circular business models to support innovation in 10+ local businesses and nudge the introduction of circular economy concepts; identify local needs and challenges; and co-create solutions. The experiment aims to organise a local circular award event to reward the best solutions of the local businesses registered in the LAH using business innovation to reduce and optimise waste production and increase the use of circular strategies for new products and services. We encourage applicants to bring their own circular economy focus, based on local priorities that matter to them.

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What could you receive funding to do?

  • Set up a Local Accelerator Hub (LAH) serving as a one-stop source on circular business innovation with the role of collecting knowledge and linking relevant stakeholders. The thematic field of the LAH should be defined by the applicant in the application form (in line with the resource-intensive sectors identified within the EU Circular Economy Action Plan: 1. packaging, 2. textiles, 3. plastics, 4. batteries and vehicles, 5. electronics and ICT, 6. construction and buildings, 7. food, water and nutrients). The LAH should gather more than 10 local businesses and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Organise three workshops focused on business innovation linked to the thematic field of action of your LAH with the scope of 1: mapping current practices and identifying good practices; 2. design thinking on problem setting, identification and development of common solutions; 3. identification of core user needs and behaviours, collecting consumer feedback on common solutions developed.
  • Organise a local circular business award aiming to highlight the best ideas of the local businesses registered in the LAH to incorporate sustainable circular economy in their business models.

Please note that concerning the target group there is an aim to include the needs of disabled customers as part of fostering feedback loops in the innovation process.

To see the full list of actions, please consult the 'Guidelines and FAQ' document'.


To be eligible for this SHARED GREEN DEAL Grant, applicants must:

  • Be located in the EU or countries associated with H2020 (note: this includes the UK for this call)
  • Be either:
    • A local or regional authority (including municipalities, cities, towns, villages and their local municipally owned companies and agencies)
    • A not-for-profit organisation (e.g. NGOs, civil society organisations, associations etc).

The call is closed. Thank you for your interest. 



You can move forward with the application by confirming your interest through this link or by filling in the form below. 

The call is closed. Thank you for the interest.



For further details please contact co-leads Professor Chris Foulds ( and Professor Rosie Robison (

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